Input /output error- failed to read error on mac with respect to wd external hard disk

i am using 2TB wb external hard disk which is later 2012 i believe which got corrupted recently while i was transferring data from my mac and

when i tried to repair through disk utilities it say input output error and unable to add file i.e. corrupted ones
symptoms disk shows empty but when i do disk utility it shoes that i have files worth 1.5TB
AND when i do it recovery softwares it shows me what all are their in it

i use this on mac and the hard disk is NTFS format and i use tuxera software to access
and i have 1.5 tb data on it and which i don’t intend to loose
so i request for help
if their is any one who can please let me know any possible solution

list of things i have tried till now
1.changed the power cable
2. treid on different mac
3. tried to recovery soft ware stellar phoenix matrix but an able to recover 90 % files just bits and pieces and few other software to recover files /photos
4. tried tuxera disk utility software too
4. tried to check through windows system too but no use unable to even detect external hard disk

please help


What about testing the drive on a windows PC? Also try using a different USB cable as the I/O error is normally related the input or output connections.

I am too frustrated nothing is working for me too. when ever you have found the solution do share it with me too.
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