MacBook Pro can't read my WD external hard drive

Hi Guys,

My Western Digital external hard drive has been having some issues for a while whereby the connection on the HD has become loose meaning the HD disconnects on it’s own if it’s moved in the slightest way. I think the micro USB connection has disconnected so many times (without being ejected properly) something has broken and my MacBook Pro can’t now read the HD and a warning of “The device you have connected is not readable by this computer” (or words to that effect) appears. I did once have the HD working but like I said it’s disconnected so many time I believe something is stoping the HD being read.

I’ve got some things on the HD I need to remove and I’m not bothered about fixing it once I have them; I’ll simply throw the HD away.

Please can anyone help?




It is possible the partition got corrupted. Try formatting the drive in order to use it again.
Formatting the drive will delete all data stored on it.

If you have important data on the drive you should try recovering it using a data recovery company before attempting to format it.

I bought a 3Tb My Passport Ultra a while ago, formatted it NTFS and used it to backup thousands of files from my old MacbookPro. Then, I used it on my new MacBook Air (El Capitan). No problem until today. Suddenly, it stopped working and both Macbooks cannot even mount the disk… The light keeps flashing on the WD, but the disk utility does not see it. ¨Please help ! These files are very important to me…

I found a less than perfect solution that gives me access to my files. My HD is a WD My Passport Essential SE 750 GB External HDD, and my MB Pro (Late 2011) is running OS X El Capitan 10.11.16. If you have access to a Windows computer or have the OS installed on your MB, you can download HFSExplorer for free to read the disk files. Extract then transfer them. I haven’t found a total solution for the issue, but I’m hoping to find one.

HD failing components don’t get repaired, and another drive replaces the ailing disk. If you can see your external hard drive in the Disk Utility, then you can try to recover data using a Mac file recovery software. Try Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery’s RAW scan to preview and recover files from the corrupt hard drive. The demo version allows to scan and preview inaccessible files for free. Hope this helps.