Unable to read My Passport

I have a WD 2TB HDD that seems to have stopped working. When I plug it in I hear the connected noise and the drive letter shows up in my computer.
This is about as far as I can go with it, the light on the HDD is constantly flashing, when I click on the drive letter or right click on it, it just hangs there. In disk management I can not see the drive, all I get is connecting to virtual disk service…
I have left the HDD for a few hours hoping that it was reading but still nothing. I have also downloaded WD diagnostic tool but the HDD doesn’t even show up as being connected.

I am using Window 7 on a laptop and windows 10 on a desktop. Both with the same issue

Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

Just to add to this, I have replaced the USB cable which hasn’t changed anything. I have also tried this on 2 PC’s running Windows 7 at work and get the same issue. Although I have been able to right click on the drive in my computer I cant scan or see the properties.

Seems there is something wrong with the HDD

For the second time my WD Passport for Mac has disappeared. Each time a week or so after upgrading to Mavericks and el Captain. Attempts to use WD utilities failed so I uninstalled them and Apple’s Disc Utility does not see the drive at all. My Time Machine back ups are on the same said drive, so they are inaccessible.

I’ve attempted to access/mount the unit on a MacBook Air, Macbook Pro and PC, all to no avail.

Apple support unable to assist. WD Support unable to resolve. Is there anyone out there that has a suggestion?


After talking to our IT guy at work he seems to think its the electronic PCB that is the issue.

I have located new PCB’s for this on ebay and was going to try and replace this but I have read that the BIOS or chip may need to be swapped.
Does anyone have info on this or has done it before?

The model I have is WDBY8L0020BSL-01 and the PCB IS 2060-771801-002 REV A