Infuse Pro or Nplayer?

So I just bought my 2TB MWP and I need a good video player to stream for my ipad air 2, can you suggest which video player works well with MWP? TIA. I currently have GoodPlayer which we know doesn’t support AC3 audio.

I’d recommend trying both and using the one you like the most.

haihuat wrote:

So I just bought my 2TB MWP and I need a good video player to stream for my ipad air 2, can you suggest which video player works well with MWP? TIA. I currently have GoodPlayer which we know doesn’t support AC3 audio.

First of all, you need to install and try using the app designed by WD for accessing the MPW:  WD MyCloud.  It is an excellent video player and my preferred app most of the time.  I do have other apps such as Infuse Pro, and recently compared these apps with one another in a thread here.  See this link; my results are in the last comment of page 1

Thanks for your input, but I don’t have both players yet that’s why I need some advice since I need a good streaming/video player to play my mkv 720p and 1080p movies in my MWP. Infuse pro is priced at $9.99 and nplayer at $4.99 and I only need to purchase 1 of them for my streaming and it’s a bit expensive if I’ll try both. So I really need some input from users of nplayer and infuse pro regarding streaming so I can decide which player for me to buy.

Try and use the excellent free player first – the WD My Cloud app. I think that is all you need for videos.  I do not “need” the other players.

Yes, I’ve already tried that but it can’t play my .mkv movie collection(when i press it nothing happens) only mp4 formats.

Ah, a new wrinkle in your story. . . . it appears you do not know that on an iPad , you can ONLY stream and play files native to the iPad, on an iPad (which includes mp4, but not MKV)   You need to create mp4/m4v files from your mkv files using a free program like Handbrake and put those files onto you MPW so you can stream them to your iPad.  In fact, that’s what I was about to do before I head for bed:  set up Handbrake to create some of these mp4 files overnight while I sleep. 

Bottom line is none of the apps we have talked about can make an iPad play an mkv files if the iPad hasn’t got the capability.

That said, there are some specialized apps tha can kludge this together, but it is more of a novelty and not a standard app one wants to use each day.  I have one of the better ones called VLC Streamer (not free) that has an app to install on the iPad and a program that installs on a PC and the program runs VLC on the PC, and can stream video from a drive on the network (or MPW)  Unless one has a quad core PC, a real fast home network w/gigbit speed and 5G wireless the performance is not very high.  My limitation is an older PC, although my network is top notch, and I can get good, but not real good results.  I mostly “play with” VLC Streamer app once in a while, and when I get my quad core PC set up for using daily, my results will be better.

You may as well start converting those mkvs to mp4 anytime, now, since the iPad hasn’t the guts to tackle an mkv file head on.

I was planning to use Upnp/DLNA to stream my .mkv files, I can do this and watch some of my movies in .mkv on my Good Player but some of them has no sounds that’s why I’m looking for alternatives. converting to .mp4 would take a long long time. It’s in page 41 in the user manual(Using the Drive with a DLNA-Enabled mobile App).

OK, then try FileBrowser app, because it allows you to call up another app (Good Player) to play a video.  FB is a handy app and there is a free version you can try, although for an advanced feature you may need to pay for full app.

Thanks, the FB app you suggested is very handy but still I need an alternative video player aside from GoodPlayer(no support for ac3) to stream my .mkv movies. Need suggestion on a wide range of video player on the appstore that can stream well on my Ipad air 2 using MWP. I’m looking at Nplayer because it’s half the price of Infuse Pro but can it stream well on ipad air 2? no free app to test. Need input on the community who has it and already tested it thanks.

I understand that this is a very old topic, I initially had the same thoughts, just want to write so that other users like the OP and me don’t have to buy both of infuse and nplayer for the same need in future.

Check out the infuse free version first

The main difference between infuse and nplayer are not in their abilities but in their interface. Infuse looks to adhere to more material design. Nplayer looks to be more utilitarian to me.

If you like the interface and design of infuse free version, go for the pro version. If you still find it a bit confusing and want something simplistic go for the nplayer.

For the others who have no idea why you need so much money for just a video player. Currently ipad, iphone and even android players don’t natively play all file formats due to several patent and copyright issues. Like mike27oct wrote above, most people don’t even know that its even possible to play an unconverted MKV file on ipad. If you can get your hands on NPlayer or infuse, you can play anything easily, yes even the formats which are not playable on PC/TV/media players are quite fluently played by these softwares and that too quite smoothly from NAS/WD Network drives/Remote PC external sources, even off from dropboxes, whithout copying them off first to your device.

Yes, a very old topic indeed, and I did know of apps that could play MKV on iPad (I mentioned one.) But, the ones I knew of at the time really taxed the system; both computer and iPad. Yes, and I sometimes use Infuse, but not the Pro version that can play an MKV. Besides, why would I want to put a very large many gigabyte MKV file on my MPW when a much smaller (under 2GB) mp4 or m4v file gets the job done? My MPW is used for watching video on an iPad; mostly when I travel. If I want to watch an MKV at home I use my NAS and WDTV.

The Pro cost of Infuse is not that much, because it has a lot more code, plus there are licenses for some of the audio codec it can play. And, if I bought the Pro version of Infuse, it would not be for watching MKV files from my MPW; it would be to watch them from my very fast WD My Cloud DL2100 NAS, new, since I first posted in this thread, as well as a new quad-core (faster) PC (“new” now by a couple of years).

Well, its an old topic but I would love to share my thoughts. Actually, I used to watch movies, films, and videos on my mobile phone. I have been facing an issue from the last couple of months that I have to convert my formats in order to watch the videos/movies. I have searched many media player applications on App store but could not find a perfect player that caters my needs. Recently, I have seen on a social media about a player named ‘PlayerXtreme’. It has the capability to play all your movies, music, videos and films in any format without any conversion as it supports more than 50 formats. It gives you the amazing feature to play audio and video tracks along with subtitles. It gives a Smooth playback HD 1080 and boosts volume up to three times the original sound for watching anything without headphones.You should buy the Pro version of PlayerXtreme and avail bundle of other useful features as well.

Previously I have used many other media player apps but PlayerXtreme is one the best I have ever used. I would suggest you give a try.

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Time to update this very old thread. I have recently purchased the wd wireless pro and intend using it with my iPad when travelling. I am a long time user of NPlayer and have found it capable of playing everything I throw at it. It also has all the audio codecs licenced, so no worries with audio.
NPlayer connects to My Passport Wireless Pro in either SMB or DLNA modes. If you install the Plex server NPLAYER will connect to that as well (or use the iPad Plex player.
I tried the infuse free version early on but NPLAYER was the one that floated my boat.
Also saves me having to remix or transcode media to play with iOS.

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Thanks for the plug on Nplayer. I will check it out on my iPad for playing from my NAS and my MPW.