iMac Unable To Read G-RAID After Configuration to RAID=1


My iMac (ver 10.11.6) Unable To Read G-RAID (8TB, Thunderbolt 2) after configuration to RAID=1. Initially it was fine when I plugged into my iMac but after Configuration to RAID=1, I get this message "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer."Appreciate your quick reply.

Joe Canon


After it has been converted you have to erase it in order to use it. The conversion wipes the format so it needs to be reformatted. Click Initialize to be taken to Disk Utility and then select the drive there and click Erase at the top. Once it has been erased it is now usable.

Hello, Lydia.

Thanks for your reply. I used SoftRaid instead of Apple’s Utility app and was successful on reformatting the drive. G-RAID Studio is up and running now.