Can't see/access G-Raid TB2 8GB after attempt to reformat on iMac 2018

I decided to reformat the subject drive as a JBOD drive vs. original Raid 1 using latest G-Raid configurator. After warning messages that I would lose all content on drives by reformatting (which I had planned for), the G-Raid drive is no longer recognized on my iMac (Mohave). Tried all the suggestions in the knowledge base but no luck.

How do I get the Mac to see the G-Raid drive and allow reformatting?


You need to go to the Disk Utility to format the drives. After setting the drives to JBOD it should have given you messages that the drives could not be read and to Initialize the drive. That will take you to Disk Utility where you can do the Erase. If you don’t see them in there make sure you click on the view box in the top left corner and select Show all devices.

Thank you. Last night I was able to connect the drives via USB and reformat them. However the drives are not recognized when I try to connect them through a TB2 port. I can see the drive in the System Report when connected to the TB2 port, but can’t see it in Disk Utility, even when checking “Show all devices”. Am I doomed now to the low 480mb/s transfer speed of USB?


You would get the same performance over both interfaces. The limiting factor is the speed of rotational drives not the USB interface.

Hello Rydia,

I bought a 20TB G-RAID Thunderbolt 2, I just want to make sure that I did everything correctly before I start transferring files (switching from RAID 0 to RAID 1).

1 - downloaded the configurator.
2- changed to RAID 1
3 - got error message saying that the disk was not readable by the computer
4 - went to disk utility, hit erase
5 - renamed, formated to EXFAT, scheme - GUID Partion Map

now it shows on my desktop and in disk utility it shows a 10 TB drive.

All correct?

You are 100% correct. Did it perfectly.