I see media servers but not network shares

Ive had my WD TV LIVE PLUS for about a week now. I got a compatible adapter, and am able to access Pandora. The first time I tried it out, I was able to access a network share on a PC. Last night when I booted up the LIVE PLUS it wouldn’t let me select network shares. However I *COULD* select media servers. All my networked computers showed up as a media server but were not set up as a media server so it doesn’t do me any good.

I tried re-booting the LIVE PLUS and resetting to factory default settings. About the only thing I can think of is that I recently updated the firmware. Should I try rolling back the firmware?

Had same (kind of) problem for weeks.  You didn’t state this but, can you access the folders you are looking for, on a different computer??

Are the folders you’re looking for “shared folders” on you computer.

What platform, OS, etc?

With windows XP, XP Pro, etc. from what I’ve discovered it: the MEDIA SERVERS selection in the WDLIVE (when looking at a windows OS computer) is looking at your PUBLIC SHARED folder.

Assuming you are running XP/Win 7: Go to your MY Documents folder>My Videos and take note of what’s in there. Now on the WD go to your MEDIA Servers>that computer>My Videos and you’ll see what you saw on your computer.

The true path would be: C:\Documents and Settings__\My Documents\My Videos.

See the link below to check out what happend with me,  it’s a long read!