I keep getting User Not Authorized Message 400057

I factory reset the system, reformatted the drives and I still get this error after making basic changes to the system setting (Static IP, System Name, workgroup etc). I am running the latest firmware.

A.) What is causing this

B.) How can I prevent it from happening

C.) Does anyone know if there is a “Fix” in the works

Same thing here!

Annnnd it happened again.

Formatted the drives

Deleted the shares

Formatted the drives AGAIN

restored the system to default factory settings

changed VERY BASIC system settings

added a user (NO SHARES)

rebooted the system

BLEW UP AGAIN! This is ridiculous.

This isn’t your device, the WD network infrastructure supporting the ENTIRE MYCLOUD NETWORK is down.

A couple questions, if you don’t mind.

What Operating System are you using when you are having this problem?

Do you have any other Network Attached Storage on your network?

Do you have any drives “mapped” to your computer?

This might give some insite to what this might be.

  1. Win 8.1 64bit (shouldn’t make a difference, because it’s in the web gui of the ex4 itself)

  2. no

  3. no

Thanks for the post.

This is an issue seperate from the cloud link being down.

No. It also happens with a setup done from a windows 7 Machine

So far as I can tell…it seems to be triggered when you either change the device names or assign static network configurations and then restart the device. If I dont change either of those segments of the configuration it seems to be fine.


I like ‘ridiculous’ much more!!

This seems to be banana software!

Shame on you WD!!!


Thanks for the information. Could you confirm the following please?

So you have a Windows 7 computer and:

  • Go to EX4 UI

  • Set Static IP address

  • Change Name


  • Attempt to log back into the UI

“Not Authorized…” message appears.

That is correct.

I am NOT sure if the error is tied to the device name or the IP. Changing either seems to trigger the failure.

This caught my eye because I have a similar setup and it is working fine… for now.

Last night I changed my device name again, and the IP address. No failure.

You mentioned in the first post that you changed the workgroup as well.

Do you have a custom workgroup?

Are you running a domain?

Is your computer part of perhaps a work domain?

Do you have a second computer that you could try to access the EX4 with?

Sorry, I don’t mean to play 60 min. Just curious.

I just had a thought.

These products will not let you access the web interface if you are on a different subnet. This is supposed to be a security feature.

Can you try going to Settings and turn Dashboard Cloud Access “ON”? Then change your IP/Name.

Also, just for my information, what is your network scheme?

Okay, So it seems there were some intermittent server issues on WDs’ side. They have reached out to me and let me know that it should be fixed. I tested it and all seems well. Have been up for 3 days with all changes in place and no issues.

issues are back.  Not Authorized Message 400057 and cloud dashboard failure, WD buy some engineer and tester, those  highschool boy’s aren’t doing any good. 

p.s. when is WD goning to respond on their failing Product. 

For me this issue was never gone!


Smasher wrote:

For me this issue was never gone!


Hi guys, this issue is currently under investigation.

I’m having this exact same issue when emailing links. I have the latest firmware on a EX4 box.