I cant upgrade from OS 3 to OS 5

I followed the instruction and now my cloud OS 3 seems to have 5.17.107.firmware. The problem is that i can’t see the BOX Cloud OS 5 so i can do the upgrade,
Can you help me.

What do you mean by you can’t see the box? Do you have Windows, Apple or another type of computer?

Firmware Definition (techterms.com)

Have you clicked on the yellow bell at the top of your Dashboard? See example image below.


The latest firmware is 5.17.107 so you shouldn’t need to update to it as your screen capture indicates (in the Firmware field) that you already have firmware 5.17.107 loaded.

What does “i can’t see the BOX Cloud OS5” mean? Do you mean you cannot see the My Cloud from your computer? If so what computer operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) are you using?

Yeah its a strange one, will need more clarification on the specific issue from the OP. Their screen capture (if from their device) clearly indicates they’re on OS5 however. Both the firmware version:


And the use of the likely OS5 HTTPS redirect (remotewd.com) that is indicated at the bottom left of their screen capture.

Edit to add: @fdr If the screen capture you posted in your first post is from your device’s Dashboard, you may want to click on the yellow alert icon to see what alerts or messages the system has generated. Its possible something there could point to your issue you are experiencing.


Thank you for your help!!! Now everything works ok!!