I can't access my network

I can’t access the dashboard.I can’t access my videos, and I don’t see NAS on my network.Any suggestions.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Hi there.

  1. cloud you access your nas before .?
    If NO:
  • make sure your NAS/PC has an IP from your network.
  • go to your router and check the DHCP table and identify your NAS IP
  • if you see an IP then from your PC try and ping it and see if you get a response back.
  • if you get a response try accesing your NAS like this: \nasIP or \nasName (wdmycloudex2)
  • if you can access you will be promted for credentials (if any set)
  • alsi from browser try and access http//nasName or http://nasIP
  • use PuTTy to see if you can access the nas


  • reboot the device
  • or reset the device
    -or try and hot swap one disk at a time and see what happens. Maybe it’s stuck at reading a disk correctly.
  1. Did you set access to my cloud and can you access it ?
  2. Do you have this problem from every pc/mobile in the house?
  1. If you connect the NAS directly into your PC with a LAN cable, can you access it?