Can't access mycloud

the first week i bought this drive, everything worked fine. however, for the last few weeks i have not been able to access anything from the drive through the app, even from my desktop that it’s plugged into. i can go through my computer and access it through there and it works just fine. for example: windows media player cannot open a movie when i try to open it from the app. it will, however, open and play just fine if i go through my computer instead. same issue with music. i can open pictures from the app though.

i also cannot access my drive at all when outside of the network. i always get the “unable to access drive” error. this happens when i go through the website or the app on my tablet/phone. all of my software is update (including the manual update at the top of this forum). so…help?

EDIT: forgot to mention that streaming videos through my PS3 doesn’t work either and it’s connected to the same network. just like everything else, this worked just fine when i first bought the drive. also, music only streams if i load the file a certain way. so - if i access a song going through “artist” it works, but if i try to access through “album” it doesn’t work.

Make sure you assign a fixed IP address, preferably using the Router UI (simpler, less risk to brick your NAS). If you change the IP address, the next thing to do is to delete the devices in the apps, and recreate them. If it doesn’t work, delete the devices in the cloud access settings of your NAS, then disable remote access for the users, then reset the users.

Reboot your device to restart the DLNA server. Does this solve the PS3 issue?

For the music, are you talking about iTunes server, or DLNA music player?