Just tired of it all... "Device is inaccessible"

I have two identical 3TB MyClouds and have had them for 9 months.

While some of the early glitches have disappeared and are not occuring any more (like the drive disconnecting from a local network), they both frequently become inaccessible through Android / iOS apps, with error (0) on Android and with the following error on iOS.

2014-08-04 10.35.03.png 

Sometimes they stay online for a couple of weeks, at other times they are gone from the cloud in a matter of hours. All the time they are accessible on the local network. Ports on the router are opened, etc., and everything is configured properly.

Generally speaking the drive on which the media server / DLNA is turned OFF usually manages to stay accessible for a longer time, while the other usually fails and goes offline as far as cloud is concerned within a day.

Both are still on v3 of software.

After 9 months of delayed firmware updates, communicating with the support, installing special scripts which have enabled logging (provided by WD support), I am now just tired of trying to make this work. I will probably be buying one of Synology units and disassembling these two MyClouds and just using their drives. 

Did you set up a fixed IP address for your NAS on your local network (you’d better do it by using your router DHCP settings)?

If you have manually set up the port forwarding in your router, make sure you have them declared in the NAS UI. Alternatively, you can rely on the UPnP setting of your router, and the “auto” setting in the NAS UI

At one point of time, I changed the fixed IP address and I had to go through a bunch of hoops to get the WD servers to reflect the change and reenable remote access… It might worth your time removing the devices from wd2go.com and your mobile apps, and then get the NAS UI to generate new access codes.

Both devices have fixed IP addresses assigned since day one. I have tried using both UPnP and configuring ports manually. The thing is, they are accessible through iOS/Android apps (and the wd2go web) for a while - sometimes for a few hours, sometimes even days or two weeks - but sooner or later they both go offline as far as cloud is concerned. The one running the DLNA server is usually the first to go, within 24 hours. I have been through removing and then adding all of the devices with new access codes.


I have the same problem

I thought FW v4 is supposed to fix this connection issue.

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved issue of device losing connection to the network 
  • Resolved incorrect translations in dashboard for Russian, Polish and Korean languages
  • Resolved issue of dashboard is not accessible when the admin user is deleted
  • Resolved issue of share permissions are not able to be changed
  • Resolved issue of .srt subtitle files are not displayed when streaming videos to LG ® Smart TVs 
  • Updated device read and write performance
  • Updated video metadata extraction performance