Problem using PS3 and external HDD to WD My Cloud

I am unable to access a HDD attached via USB to the WD My Cloud NAS on my PS3.  I used to be able to do it until a few weeks ago and access my photo libraries and video libraries.

Have no problem accessing it on my android phone, or on Windows laptop.  Also I can access the WD My Cloud NAS folders on PS3 - I just can’t access anything on HDDs attached via USD to the NAS.

Network router is Netgear N600.  PS3 is wireless media server via DLNA.

Has anyone had this problem?

So it means the DLNA server doesn’t scan the content of the USB drive, right?

Yes - that’s correct.  It was working OK a few weeks ago - but no good now.  It’s almost like a setting has changed.  I can still use the PS3 to get to the main storage drive in the NAS.  I just can’t get to the drive connected via USB to the NAS.

  • go to your NAS UI and verify that media sharing is enabled for the share representing your USB

  • add :9000 to the ip address of your NAS to land on the Twonky settings. Make sure the share is correctly listed as a share to scan there as well. Choose rebuild the database

Thanks  - I have tried this but unfortunately not yet fixed.

On Dashboard went to USB drive and turned off and on again the “Media Serving” and “Public Access”.

Went to Twonky and ckecked all contents of USB drive folders are listed and ticked for sharing, and that the PS3 is listed under “Media Servers” and ticked to enble sharing.  I have unticked and ticked it.

I can get to the USB drives using my android phone and using windows laptop - only PS3 can’t see them.  I can see the folders on the NAS - so I thought might be something to do with PS3 usually liking to see files organised under separate folders for photos, videos, music from a media server.  Although previously PS3 didn’t have a problem finding the USB drive connected to the NAS.

It looks like the problem is on the PS3 side, if your Windows DLNA player can see the files fine.

Yeah thats what I though at first - but PS3 can still read the NAS.  It just cant read the USB HDD attached to the NAS.  It seems like there is some kind of permission not being granted for the PS3 to access the HDD attached to the NAS.

I dont know why the NAS is treating the PS3 different to the other devices (windows, android) which can all access the USB HDD connected to the NAS.