Hub Not Visible in Explorer

Hey all,

Had my hub for about 3 years now and everything has gone fine. Until recently, I’m no longer able to view the hub’s folder on either of my PCs (both running Win7). I’ve tried refreshing the Network folder, restarting the router, and monkeying around with the network settings on the hub. Nothing seems to work. Please help…

Would also like to mention that I am able to stream Netflix and other services.

So i’m assuming you’ve checked  the Live Hub has an IP Address ?

Setup > About > Network Info       (should be an ip number there eg. )

if there is …  open your web browser (firefox, google chrome etc) and type the IP into the Browser address bar

If you can log in to the WEB UI (Interface) thats good …  if can’t, check your PC’s Firewall in case it’s blocking it

Now on your WDTV Live Hub … check the following

Setup > Network Settings > Network Share Server > ON

Now, Download “_ WD Discovery Software _” Install it and map your WDTV Live Hub as a Network Drive in Windows

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