Can not see WD TV live hub as networked drive

Hi All,

Having a problem with accessing the live hub as a networked drive.

Background: Have windows Vista, Laptop connected via wireless router which is then wired connection to live hub. live hub appears on “network” settings in windows vista. But not as a drive which can be opened.

I cannot map network drive as the network for live hub does not appear. I had previously been able to map the network drive, but then i disconnected it to upload media files directly onto the live hub drive. Now it does not come up. i.e. I cannot transfer, copy, move, delete files as there is no window for the live hub drive.

I want to be able to access the drive as a network drive and transfer files to it wirelessly using the wireless router its connected to. I thought I could also play videos which are already stored on the live hub to my pc wirelessly without using that silly twonky thing which downlaods the file and then plays it. Bit pointless that feature! I could also do this prior to my uploading of files to the device.

Any help, advice would be most welcome.

ps. I just tired that view net thing and it comes up with error 53. However, how do you troubleshoot error 53 if you dont know what error 53 is???



Hi guys, Very NEW USER here!,  I have Both the router and the Hub connected via Ethernet cable but I also cannot see the WDTV Live Hub Drive, all I have in the network is under “Media Devices” - WDTVliveHub(which when double clicked takes me to a webpage where i enter a password), and WDTVLiveHub(TwonkyServer Logo) which takes me to the Widows Media Player.

Im ripping my hair out trying to work this one PLEASE HELP!!!

Ive also Installed WD Discovery