Any idea what might have changed?

My laptop used to see my WD hub in Windows Explorer Networking, and I could transfer, sort, browse with impunity.

As suggested here, to fix a different issue, I did a 3 stage “reset” of my hub…

Now I can only access the hub via my laptop if I first run the WD “Discoery Tool”

Any ideas as to why?  Or how I might fix it? 

I’d REALLY like it to behave the way it used to.


Hi there, why don’t you map the Hub as a network drive? If you’re on Vista or W7 then click on start, and then type \theIPaddressofyourHub or \wdtvlivehub, then right-click the folder you’ll see and select Map Network drive.

On XP click on start> then click on Run> Then follow the rest of the steps.

It should force your computer to remember an access path to your Hub even when not displayed on the Network and Sharing Center.


Well, that certain seems to have sorted my connection out…


You made it seem easy