HTTP ERROR 403 after OS5 firmware update

Hello WD staff, I’m in the middle of nowhere because of you and I can’t find any solution everywhere.

problem: I’ve updated my device My Cloud EX2 Ultra from 2.40.157 to Now I can’t reach the dashboard because of “access denied”. The shared folders are visible through Windows’ file system. Finally, all the blu lights are solid blue.

  1. opened incident 201127-002803, then escalate: nothing from WD

  2. any attempt on WD website is impossible because the OS3 account is closed while I should register the OS5 one on the device’s dashboard I can’t reach.

  3. suggestion from community = light reset then hard reset: nothing changed

  4. suggestion from community = explore different IP pools (,, useless, I can see the device is in DHCP mode obtaining the IP from my current pool, but the answer from that IP is always “access denied”

  5. suggestion from community = multiple hard reset the device for hours: nothing happened

I didn’t find any different solution here.

Before I ask a sorcerer, may someone help me? thank you very much


The AdminUI dashboard or a My Cloud OS 5 can only be accessed by internal Private IP Addresses.
All access via Public IP addresses are denied access. Please check the IP address of your client computer, My Cloud and the route taken to access the device. IE: if you’re network route hits a Public IP address, then access will be denied.

Thank you @SBrown, so what if my PRIVATE network has a pool like
I hope I don’t have to change my whole network’s pool because WD restricted the device capability by the firmware update from OS 3! Please tell me I’m wrong.

@micmakes currently, access to the Configurator is only possible from the IP addresses of the networks,, This may be fixed in the next update (or not). There is no official comment from WD yet.

Dear @SBrown, personally, I believe this is a kind of madness. You are part of WD staff so should give them this feedback. I’ve never seen anything like this before… what arrogance and lack of customer care!

Thank you @Dpetrikov, it works in those pools. Now I’m gathering strength to change the home’s pool because I need the EX2 INTO my network.