HP X476dn printer wont scan to mapped drive on WD my cloud EX2 Ultra. Was working before small change

I am hoping to get some help. I have a HP x476dn ptinter/scanner and I am using a shared WD EX2 shared drive. Static IP given to NAS as well as printer, no issues there. I finally turned off my server and am strickly using the NAS. I dont know if its related to disabling acive directory on the NAS but I cant seem to get network scanning to work. Trying the \IP\drive\folder, trying \share name\etc and for whatever reason no luck. Created a new user thinking it was credentials, still nothing. Tried enabling SMB 1.0 on the computer that I have connected to the network (even though that computer isnt involved) I read something somewhere so I thought I would try. After disable active directory everyone is sharing off the NAS and its working beautifully. I know the printer is capable, I used to do it. Its something I have to have so I am hoping for a fix or workaround because its something I use at the office daily. Thanks guys!

Hmm, maybe you need to do a full reset for the printer and reconfigure it. It sounds weird but it can really help. A few years ago, my brother ran into a similar problem and I tried to solve it for a very long time. In the end, I just found another printer (more convenient to use). It was a very cool printer from mrdepot.ca, but then I found out that I could use the reset function in the old printer and restart it;)