Help setting up "Scan to Network" for Brother Scanner

I am trying to set up a Brother Scanner (model ADS-2700W) to scan directly to My Cloud EX4. I have created a shared folder on the network and provided user access. However, I keep getting an error message (screen shot below). I have confirmed that the shared folder is set up for read/write. I suspect it something to do with the software not recognizing the Network Folder Path, but I am not sure what else I should be putting in there to access the NAS. I am wondering if anyone has encountered this or would have any tips for set up help?


The IP address you show there is not valid. is not a legal IP address.

Make sure you’re using the actual IP address of your EX4. Further, you’ll want to make sure your EX4 is using a static IP address, not DHCP.

I overkeyed the IP address for this posting, but confirm I was using the actual. Does the authentication username need to be something than just the My Cloud User Name Profile? I tried putting in my “IP address\user name” but that did not work.

Is there an answer to this problem?

Is there an answer to this problem?

I have the same problem… :roll_eyes:

Did you solve your issue?