FTP Setup for Scanning : WDMYCloud

hi I am trying to setup FTP Scan for my Brother Printer **bleep** Scanner MFC 9970 CDW, so all my scanned documents will store at one place, but somehow i am not able to get it done. i have called Brother Engineer and he said everything is ok from Scanner, dont know how to setup FTP Scan, can some one help in this regards?

This is a good point. I tried this before and then I gave up.

It is quite easy to map the FTP as share (stricly speaking not a share but a network location).

Problem is neither Windows (8.1)  built-in SCAN app or my printer scan app will see it.

it looks like it depends on the APP. I have tried with Canon Pixma MP620 all-in-one wireless printer to noavail.

Maybe someone here tried it with different printer or app!!! or you can check some other apps. I might try again.