Printer WLAN --> FTP

Hi. How can I use a wifi printer (brother mfc5895) to print directly to my wd cloud. Ftp is activated in config. Is this cloud prepared for printers?

Are you asking how you can print documents, photos etc. from your My Cloud?

My Brother printer MFC-J825DW is setup to be shared on my network, WiFi.

When I open a document, photo etc. then I choose print and it is sent to my printer. I suggest you read your printer User Manual. See image below, however, I am not showing the document because it contains personal information.


If you are using a Windows PC click Start>Devices and Printers, right click on your printer, look at its properties and set up sharing.

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cat0w (USA)

please clarify what you are trying to do as the mycloud is not a printer

if you are trying to directly scan to the mycloud I don’t believe that is possiable. my broher printer needed software installed on my PC to comunicate with the printer/scanner and not FTP. you should be able to map a mycloud drive to the computer and scan that way

The answer to your question is the MyCloud NAS does not have printer server functionality. Connecting a USB printer to the MyCloud’s USB port and using it as a printer server does not work.