PR4100 and Brother ADS-1700w

I purchased a new scanner. Upgraded the ADS-1500w to the ADS-1700w. The 1500 would allow me to scan my receipts to my shared location on the NAS. The ADS-1700w will not. Have no idea why. I have another Brother printer, the MFC-L8900CDW. The scan to network works fine with that printer and I have copied the scan to path exactly the same way to the ADS-1700w and it will not scan to network.

Now here’s the kicker. I can configure the ads-1700w to FTP and it scans to the NAS just fine. I also can assign the network folder to the USB port on the NAS with an external drive or USB memory stick and it scans just fine. I cannot figure out why the L8900 and the ads-1500w will scan to my network folder entitled “scans”. The ADS-1700w will not. I am using the scan to USB port on the NAS for now as a work around. I have contacted level 5 at Brother and they are working on it. I was able to demonstrate this to them when they logged into my computer for a log me in session. They are stumped but will get back to me as they have to report this to their engineers.

I thought I would let people know. I don’t have a fix but will report one when I can. Ive configured the NAS eveywhich way I can think of, including allowing read write access, shanging SMB protocol to SMB1, SMB2, SMB3- none of which worked. Curious to know if anyone with a brother scanner has had an issue and if so, what was the solution. In the mean time, I’ll see what brother comes up with. Cant understand why the L8900 and the ads-1500w will scan to the NAS but the ADS_1700w does not. Could be a protocol error in the firmware. The error I get is:

Test Error
Sending Error, This message will appear when you cannot access the destination folder.
Make sure that.
*Directory name is correct.
*Directory is write-enabled.

I’ve got exactly the same issue. Not possible to scan with FTP, Network. When I configure SFTP with only Username and pasword selected, it asks me for a public key. Why?
I bought this scan for electronic document management system, which works with some MFP without any problem. But not with the ADS-1700W. I’ve called Brother’s support. The technician told me that if the scan doesn’t not the job I bought it for, I can re-send it to the reseller. Good answer from Brother. Maybe I’ll think twice in the future before buying some Brother devices.
S. Pauly