NeatConnect cloud scanner wants to FTP to root directory

I’ve been having trouble connecting my Neatconnect scanner to my drive using FTP.  The scanner seems to be able to login and connect to the drive via FTP with no problems during setup, but fails when trying to send a scanned file to the drive.  

I’ve been looking around online and it seems that the scanner defaults to writing the files at the root level of the drive, which none of the drive’s users have write privileges for.  

This really seems to be a problem with the scanner’s software, not trying to write to the user’s directory and instead using /, but does anyone on here have any ideas, solutions, workarounds, whatever?  

I’ve googled neatconnect and wdmycloud like a billion times and haven’t found any evidence anyone else is trying to use the two together, much less having this issue.  

I would hope the scanner has the option to specify a path to store files, which should solve the issue.

But if that’s not an option, the only thing I can think of is to (dangerously) change the permissions of the root directory so that anyone could write to it.

Another option might be to modify the FTP server configuration to allow it – but again, probably not the best idea.