How to scan to network MY cloud home

This is very complected product to use for home users. I couldn’t set scan to network as it does not scan to network. Drive is working with internet as we logon with WD discovery. Scan does not go there. I set up static IP and allocated that to the MAC address of the drive to be able to scan to network, Map the local drive to computer and scans well but that drive does not appear on the cloud share folder which means other people in the house can’t scan and only comes to my computer. Very complicated. WD should change this to make optional to use locally or on cloud or both. For me I prefer more locally than cloud and it is a home drive.
Can you suggest how to set up scan to network so that everyone can access using WD discovery. TIA.

@diparajuli Have you checked the Knowledge Base and do you mean scan or stream?

You may want to visit the Learning Center too.