How to setup for a proxy enabled network?

I want to setup My Cloud at my college lab, we have a proxy server. How can I setup the Mycloud Home? I have a static ip for My Cloud Home.

Hi Dishendra,

Please know the network proxies are limited per your organizational privacy. My cloud home need be proxy enabled network. We have not tested the WD My Cloud Home device with proxy limited network.

Have you tried to test the WD Cloud home with a limited proxy network? I don’t really think that it would work, to be honest. I ain’t sure about that to be honest, however, in case you try to use another device it might be all good. As i am sure about the fact that having a static ip should actually help in this situation. Also you should take into consideration the fact that the network proxies must be limited. In case you will need some help setting the proxy, just call for the services of, they are providing some of the best proxies.

What kind of an answer is this? The question is clear: “does the MyCloud software have anywhere in its setting a place to configure a proxy?” Yes or no? If no why? MyCloudEx4100 for example is not necessarily meant to be used at home, it can also be used in a corporate setting, which always sit behind a proxy. Services such as software updates, and NTP will not work behind a proxy. Also, the “cloud” options do not work.
If such a feature is not available, and it appears that it is not, it is a serious limitation and you should seriously consider to implement it.
That’s why Synology NAS devices are so popular. You can configure a proxy client on them that allows them to fully operate behind a proxy. That’s what software updates are for.

I know your doubts because I had the same situation, but it all depends on the site that you want to trust because I have a lot of friends that had problems with some wrong sites. Fortunately, they chose me Web crawler API For Web Scrapers - ProxyCrawl that are already checked for all that disinformation, and I can guarantee you that here it’s all alright because I have some months after I started to use this one, and I’m thanks. You will already see how you would be more practical and more easiest to use because each one has his type of sites.

First, you need to decide on the purpose for your proxy server. It depends on which proxy you need in terms of volume, location.

Have you tried setting up a proxy server before?