How to retrieve deleted files

my mac book is synced with my cloud duo over lan… for some reason i was not able to access my cloud duo for some days. so i restarted it today and it came on again but suddenly files on my macbook started getting deleted and i need these file desperately. pls help. i saw instructions about using wd sync to access previous versions of file but i cant seem to find wd sync software to install. pls help. i am completely lost


You could refer to the following link:

Dear Sirs i have the same problem my wife have delete some very important file from my nas mycloud home duo and i’m not able to restore it
where can i find the recycle bin ?
there is a way where i can find these files ?

You can’t recover your file because there is not recycle bin.

And there aren’t any way to recover that data? Is it so unsecure? How could it be possible? If someone make a little mistake then he loose everything?
Who have designed a machine without a recycle bin? If it was write in the tech data sure I didn’t lose my money whit it…

This is one of reason that this product is not recommended. No recycle bin, no 2 factor auth, slow transfer speed, from the app you can upload just photos and video ( no files like pdf ), HEIC photos don’t show preview…and a lot more…