No Undo or Recycle Bin When Accidentally Deleting a File?

I am SUPER P.O.'d, so I apologize for my attitude, but I accidentally deleted a file from my MyCloud and now I can’t Undo or find any sort of Trash or Recycle Bin. I’m on a Mac. Are you telling me that this product lets you delete a file with no confirmation AND no way to recover it? Please tell me I’m wrong. Otherwise, I’m trashing this whole thing. So useless.

The single bay/single drive My Cloud does not have a “recycle bin”. However when using Windows 10 I do get warned when deleting a file or folder on the My Cloud. Not sure about the Mac as I don’t have/use one.

If one has been using the Safepoint/Backup feature of the My Cloud Dashboard, to backup their My Cloud to a external USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port, then it may be possible to access the backup up location to recover a file that’s been deleted on the My Cloud if a backup hasn’t been run since deleting the file.

If one is using WD Sync and they deleted a file/folder that was synced, they might be able to recover that file/folder through the WD Sync program.

Thanks, but I don’t know what Safepoint/Backup or WD Sync is, so I doubt I’m using them. I just wanted an external hard drive that I could access from another computer if needed, but this thing has turned into a nightmare. I can’t believe I can just delete a file without even one extra layer of security.

The My Cloud is not an “external hard drive”. It is a network attached storage device (NAS). It has a different set of features/options including an bare bones Linux operating system which traditional USB style external hard drives typically do not have. On a typical USB external hard drive it is up to the computer OS to manage that hard drive and display (if enabled) a dialog box warning the user when deleting files/folders. The multi bay My Cloud models I believe do have a “recycle bin” feature but the single bay unit (both versions) apparently does not.

Check the Mac settings to see if there is an option to enable a delete confirmation dialog on NAS type devices.

Thanks. That makes more sense knowing that it’s not technically an external hard drive… wish I’d have known when I bought it! :slight_smile: