My Book Live Duo - deleting a file - is there a recycle bin?

Hi all,

What happens if I delete a file on a My Book Live Duo?

Does it go to a recycle bin area where it can be retrieved?

If not, is there any way to retrieve it?

I used to have a Buffalo NAS drive which did have this capability


The Duo doesn’t have Recycle bin.

Without data recovery software, there’s no way to retrieve deleted software.

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Recovery is a possibility, but it can be rather involved. The most likely approach would involve removing the disk with the data from the MBLD and connecting it directly to a computer via SATA. You would then boot the computer from a Linux Live CD to attempt recovery.

The question is whether the deleted data is worth the effort, assuming you feel able to attempt it at a technical level. Recovery is not certain, especially if more data has been written to the unit since the deletion.

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Thanks both for your responses. I think it’s the only flaw I can find in this piece of kit so far. Could do with WD changing this capability.

However, your information helps me plan better what I store fully on the WD MBLDuo and what I store on my PC and back up to the MBLDuo.

Much appreciated.

Thanks again