How to restore a WD DX4000 in RAID 5 with 0xD9 error?

Pretty sure it has been determined that to run the recovery software from a thumb drive the drives must be on the list.
I think the only way you might get your data is with a 3rd party raid recovery software. Google “raid recovery”
Most will allow you to see your data, but have to pay to drag and drop.
But it should boot if one drive failed so I have no clue what shape your drives are really in.

If after you get your data back you still want to use the box you can do a recovery with just the drives on the whitelist. Run the drive enabler fix and add the oddball drive.

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thanks for that
If I can recover my data I will be happy but I will be nervous to go back to the DX.
You mentioned raid recovery software, do I need a box to load the drives in or can I do them 1 at a time?

I can’t use my arms or hands so I need to keep whatever I do as simple as possible in order to instruct my care assistant.
very grateful

you will need to attach all 4 drives to a working windows box at the same time. The easiest may be to get a pair of dual docking stations
I am not recommending this one, just showing you what I am talking about

Thanks for this I feel more confident now
There seems to be several restore programs on a search do you have any recommendations?

I have not actually used any so no help. As a rule diskinternals are good folks. There is a post from not too long ago where someone used one of them with success. I know there is also a much older post where a fellow used another to restore the backupdatbase.

As I said they seem to have a try before you buy function

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this is the second time doing this process… I forgot how I did it but it took weeks to figure it out since I am not computer savvy… anyone got well documented information I would truly appreciate it… I have the ios file but that is how far I have gotten… I got the usb stick as well 32gb san disk please advise a document would be great or a step by step with screenshots…

This was not helpful I cannot even get on to my dx4000 so anyone have instructions if it had all bad hard drives and replaced and starting from scratch

Perhaps I’m not understanding.

You can’t get onto your DX4000, but the instructions are what to do on a separate PC.

You prepare the recovery USB stick using a separate PC, following the instructions that I linked.


Once you download the .iso file. You mount that as a virtual dvd-rom and run the setup.

Then you will see the screens shown in the tutorial.

I will try this step by step again. I got 2 machines 1 windows 7 and 1 windows 10. Is either recommend?

Windows 10 is recommended, as you can mount the downloaded .iso image by simply right-clicking the file and choosing mount.

That will create a virtual dvd-rom drive.

Run the setup.exe program from the virtual dvd-rom drive.

Be sure you downloaded the image for your region: PANAM = North America, APAC = Asia Pacific and EMEA = Europe etc.

on it! stay tuned,… btw thank you! being computer stupid doesn’t help one bit! but I can read though so I got that going for me lol

I forgot I keep getting this message… fml

What does it say on the DX4000’s front panel display?

Are both the DX4000 and the Win10 computer connected to the same in home network?

If the Win10 computer is connected via WiFi, it may be on a different subnet and so it can’t find the DX4000. If possible, try connecting the Win10 computer to the same network via Ethernet cable. Be sure to disable the WiFi connection when you connect via Ethernet, as the WD recovery software doesn’t tolerate multiple network connections on the machine it’s running on.


the front of the dx4000 says
Failed: 0xD9

my windows 10 is on a Ethernet cable and so is my DX4000 on the same router and network and wifi is off (good thinking I thought the same thing)

But I did notice my hp ProBook 650 does not have USB 2.0 ports it only has USB 3.0 port? So I believe I have to do it on my windows 7 machine…?

I was able to get “INITIALIZING OK LOADING RECOVERY” and then when I let go of the reset button I got Storage Bad?


Now, when you first ran the setup from the mounted .iso file, did you choose “recreate my storage”, or “perform a recovery”?

If you went straight to “perform a recovery”, that won’t work. You have to do the “recreate my storage” first.

Sorry, I see that the WD instructions don’t mention that.


so I was able to get it to recovery started…

now I just need to stay on top of this thing lol… wow only 48hrs deep on this DX4000

Hai…i’m already followed step by step to recreate storage but still failed to recreate…please help me because I don’t know what’s wrong