WD Sentinel DX4000 is showing startup failed 0*D9

we have been using WD Sentinel DX4000 on our network, all of a sudden it shut down completely. after trying many times it says “loading OS. Please Wait”. We were reading this WD community portal and one of the article suggested to wait for next 5-6 days but it is almost 3 weeks now and nothing has been done. Miraculously we were able to recovered the data from the dead hard drive. Now the situation arises again as we are trying to factory reset WD. We successfully tried creating bootable USB from the recovery.ISO through > WD Sentinel Server Recovery Utilities

I switched off WD Sentinel and i kept pressing Restore button before turning it back on. It says Initializing Successful and starting Recovery but then it gives this Startup failed 0*D9 Error.

my 2nd question is how can discover this dead Sentinel NAS storage when connecting to the network, i mean what will be its IP address ??

Please help as i want to restore back to factory settings and make it functional.


You need to email wd support and see if the will give you a link for the recovery iso. steps to recover are in this forum or the manual online

Hi Gramps.

Thanks and sorry for the late reply. I have the Recovery ISO which i downloaded from WD site. I Created Bootable USB and when i am trying to boot through it all led are blue and after initialization ok message it says initialization is ok but after 3 seconds it says loading recovery and then it shows 0*D9 error.

What could be the reason… due to think if it is related to the firmware which is corrupted.

It does not sound like you are booting from the thumb drive. Are you holding in the reset button as you power on for 30 seconds?

I see now above, you say you are holding the reset button. So, it has to be a good download verified with a hash file, and try a diff thumb drive

Yes i am trying pressing reset button and then turning power on button. it says loading recovery but gives Error 0*D9 .

I created another USB drive which is 16GB of capacity but still giving same error, also tried putting in diffrent USB slot. Any Advice…

Thanks Gramps

I’m curious which iso version is being used. The wd link I got for the gives 0xD9 every time I try it. While I’m having other issues with the, I haven’t got the 0xD9 error.

i am downloading from this below link -

recovery iso download

and i am selecting this ISO for Middle East Asia region

i dont know whether it is correct or not ??


That’s the same version, except I’m using the PANAM with a lot of difficulty, but no 0xD9

so should give it a try to download PANAM version of ISO and then try to recover ?


Tried downloading PANAM Recovery and successfully created bootable USB. but still after Initialization ok screen … loading recovery message it gives recovery failed 0*D9

Any more troubleshooting steps …

Any ideas friends…


i am trying with APAC_SvrRecovery… hoping that it will work.

With the issues I’m having I don’t know, but I am on hour 33 in the formatting stage and no 0xD9 with the PANAM. If your still getting that 0xD9 error I would have to agree with WD on this one that the box is suspect or the Flash drive.

Is your download 10ggb or 2gb? The links on that page do not directly get the proper download. You have to find the actual link in chrome view element

The download should not be 2gb

So sorry for the late reply… as there was long weekend.

Downloaded recovery ISO files are showing 7.55 MB but after mounting them on a virtual emulating software it shows 9.55 GB of size. As i downloading the correct one ? Can anybody share me link of original ISO for my WD sentinel DX4000 .

Will try to change the flash drive and see ? will report back today afternoon.

Thanks Everyone !!

Hello Guys…

I Started downloading again and it shows total size 8.79 GB. i mounted the disk and created bootable usb drive. usb drive which i am using is sandisk cruzer blade 32 GB and kingston 32GB data traveller.

while booting it is giving the same error… both usb are new ones …

anything to do with iso image

try the links in here. It should be close to 10gb for the download. I will try to get the apac and see but it takes me 12 hours to download on dsl

thanks for helping Gramps :grinning:

but which one to download…

by the way i have started to download PANAM_SveRecovery ISO… lets see how it goes. it is showing 3 hours to finish download.

Thanks for the efforts Gramps… will update you tomorrow !!


I think the difference is language packs. I really do not know. I did the panam and it seems to have worked. The wizard said success, but I have not gone to my office yet to look at the unit. I would go ahead and do panam download and see if you get this for a hash file