WD DX4000 Startup Failed

We have had WD sentinel DX4000 for about 2 years now. One of the disks has been showing imminent failure and we finally got to replace it with the exact same model WD2002FYPS - 02W3B0. It started repairing and that took a long time and finally came to a screen which displays STARTUP FAILED: 0XD9 and red blinking light. All the leds for the hard disks are off. Would someone from WD help us? If I put the harddisk that’s showing imminent failure, the OS boots up but I have a feeling sooner that if I do not replace that hard disk I will lose all the data on this NAS box.

Urgent help needed!!

Desperate user

This is a community forum, meaning users.  You should open a support case if you need WD.

If it was me the first thin I would do is copy my data to a USB drive so I did not loose anything. I am not sure how you got to a startup error if it was on and rebuilding.  Does the server have a UPS?  Could the power have gone out to force a restart?

Don’t know, perhaps the replacement drive is bad?

I would try to re-seat each of your drives, I received that same when i tried to boot the device without one or more drives in place at time of start up.

I don’t know too much about this device mine is still not operational, but I can tell you presently it doesn’t give me the error 0x9d like it once did. The reason I pulled the drives and tried to boot was due to the fact that no matter what I have tried it will not restore itself to a condition that works.

I waited for two 5 day periods as some people recommended in other forums in this community, still stuck on the initialization OK searching screen.

I just thought I would suggest having your system turned off and try re-seating the drives, maybe one isn’t completely seated (which in my case unplugged to get that error to present itself).  

Good luck, I hope you have better luck than me. This device seems to have a mind of its own. 

Seems like you are suppose to do one thing to resolve certain issues but in my case the device does something different every time you turn it off, unplug it. I might be creating a raid inside of a pc case with four 2 tb drives. I just hate to trash a device that seems to have great potential if operational, but if any kind of error occurs you are up the creek, just saying. 

I am just glad I had a second backup device to rely on, so I can use it while I try to get this dx4000 operational again. Some people on here don’t have that probably like you in desperate need of you system that is not funtional. Sorry venting a little, have a good day.

Like a rock…

Odd - Mine *just* started doing this today.  Guess I’ll have to open a support case.