Error "Startup failed 0xD9" during reset


During First installation my new DX4000 the power was lost.

Now the DX4000 dosen’t start.

And while trying to reset the machine via created USB-Stick and holding the reset button the error "Startup failed 0xD9 occurs on the display.

I don’t now nothing else what I can do now.

Has someone any tipps ?

did you hold the reset pin in until it said “Loading Recovery OS” ?

I hold the reset button the *whole* time after push the power button

It doesn’t say “Loading Recovery OS”.

I too am experiencing the same issue. Brand new unit. I cannot get to http://ipaddress/connect so I decided to try to factory reset the unit. Gone though the steps to create the USB stick, hold the recovery button as per instructions and the error 0xd9.

I habe posted the problem to the WD Support 6 Days ago.

Until now I have no answer :frowning:

Try verifying that your USB thumb drive is booting up properly. Try and boot your PC or laptop from it, just to see if it boots into the menu.

Do you have the ISO mounted on your PC or created a DVD with the ISO and running, waiting for the server to go into recovery mode ?

I can boot my laptop with the created USB-Stick correctly.

WindowsPE is started

It occurs a command-window with following content:

  • SIO initialization failed
  • Executing wpeinit
  • Boot source drive: H:\
  • Running WD Recovery
  • Wait for shutdown/reboot

A second Command-Windows opend with the “WD Recovery” command, but it is closed himself after several seconds

A third Command-Windows with title “Adminisator Debug” ouccurs with a command prompt in it.

Nothing happened else

I have mounted the ISO on my laptop !

No burned DVD with the ISO is available

I have mounted the ISO on my laptop !

No burned DVD with the ISO is available

I have got a message fom WD Support.

They mean at first step I should test the harddisk mit WD Data Lifeguard tools.

May be they could be demaged during power off

Now I’am testing …

No idea, but you would think a mounted iso would work?  Perhaps someone at WD could test this?

What process/method are you using to mount it?

What do you mean with “mount it” ?

The ISO File ?

I mount the ISO-File with a software named “Virtual ISO”, and so can start the software on my laptop to create the USB-Stick. On the DX4000 I do nothing with the ISO.

I’am angry about WD Support.

Nothing happend since 8 days :frowning:

With my own customers I can not do so

Yes that is what I mean.

The WD box is looking for that DVD when it boots from the thumb drive.  I “guess” it shows up to the WD box properly?  That is the variable I do not know the answwer too.

You do have a DHCP server on the network correct?

for giggles connect the wd box directly to the laptop with a cable.  Turn the laptop on and then try the process again.  The laptop and the WD box will get the “funky” ip’s but can talk to each other.

If still no go, if you could find a box with a dvd drive or get a usb dvd drive perhaps.

The WDBox and the laptop ary connected in the same network.

What do you mean with “try the process again” ?

a)      Booting the WD Box with the reset button ? -> the failed 0xD9 comes again

b)      Booting the laptop with the USB-Stick ? -> a cmd windows wirh prompt “X:\Windows\System” occurs

How should the WDBox and Laptop should talk each other.

What must I do now ?

You have the usb stick in the server when you power it on holding in the button not the pc

I suggested a direct connection to eliminate any connectivityu problems

Also reset all of your drives.  Normally they should all have blue lights not red

I have put the USB-Stick in the WDBox, and power on with holding button.

More times before.

Nothing other than “Failed 0xD9” occurs.

The Failed-error also comes *without” the USB-Stick during power on/holding button

The lights of the drive first are blue, than dark.

The power lamp is blinking red.

How can I reset the drives ?

reset the drives, I simply mean remove and reinsert them in the bays

I would recreate the thumb drive to a differnt thumb drive.  I understand your pc will boot from it, but who knows.  Also try a different port on the wd box.

If you are using a usb 3.0 flash drive I would try usb 2.0

New Situation !

After trying with another USB-Stick (the 3th one) on the WDBox appears “RECOVERY STARTING” !

There must be something with TWO USB-Stick, and only the 3rd (olderone) Stick works !

But next problem !

1.)    Back on by laptop, the WDBox is not found

2.)    After several minutes at the WDBox appears “STORAGE BAD”

Trying to connect via Browser or remotedesktop at (the last IP I know from the WSBox) fails

You should reference the pdf

I also discussed the issue here I had messed up the array and had to rebuild it which took a long time, but that’s how arrays work.


thank you for response

I have read your discussed-link.

On my WDBox-LCD there appears “STORAGE BAD”, the red powerlight, and I can not see any action of the box.

The drive-lights are also dark.

What do you mean in your linked-posting ?

Have I only to wait several hours, and the WDBox will work ?