Error "Startup failed 0xD9" during reset

During the time that the server had to build a new RAID array, it was not usable. With 2 drives it took 50 hours before I could have access to the server. The server is powered on and building the array.

The procedure for rebuilding the array is documented in the WD pdf. it is slighty different then a Server Recovery, you only need a 512 meg USB.

However if you have a running server with 2 drives and want to add a 3rd drive. The access to the server files will be very slow while it adds the 3rd drive and modiifies the drives from RAID 0 to RAID 5. Again this could go on for 48 hours (2 days). So if this is for work, it’s best to start this on a Friday night so it will be ready by Monday.

Have you really understand on which  step I am ?

Like the WD reference page 56 I am in chapter “Perform a Recovery” Step 8:

… Return to the PC and click Next …

And at this point I could not believe that I must wait up to 50 hours (with red powerlight at the WDBox !) until it is found.

When it is found – OK (I have the 8TB version with 4 drives)

Time is not the problem, I’am working at home, at it is not urgent for same days.

I only want to be shure the the recovery is working.

Are you shure, to wait 50 hours with red light and “STORAGE BAD” an the display ?

You should get some messages that the process has started.

Yes , when I had to rebuild my array with 2 drives, it took 7 hours.

Now I added 2 more drives and it took 48 hours. But you should only have to go through this once.

Unless you have a server with a dedicated $$$$ RAID card, it will take a long time. That’s how RAID works.

Really the only thing we have to complain about much is the fact that it takes forever for a RAID to rebuild if there’s a problem, like accidentally unplugging the NAS. Okay, forever may be a bit much, but ours took a week to rebuild, which if you’re a business who needs that data - might as well be forever. We can’t strongly recommend enough that you put a UPS behind any NAS; but with the DX4000 a UPS is even more critical. An additional power supply would also be a good item to look into, since it would help prevent data loss or system downtime if one power supply failed.

Thank for your posting

But what must I do that \ *not * comes the message “STORAGE BAD”

Waiting Time is not my problem

It seems that it recover don’t work, and I don’t know what to do, that recover is working (so long it will)


Yea, some progress :)  You know the lil chains on ceiling fans?  Get one and chain that thumb drive to the box LOL

But I don’t think it is reloading.  I must admit I have not broken mine yet to try this, but I have done some headless recovery(s) on other boxes.

Again I ask, do you have a dhcp server on the lan?  Can you look at it and see what IP the serveer got?  If so can you ping the server at that ip from your other PC?

If it does not seem to be doing anything and you can not decide if it got an IP, just plug a cat 5 cable straight from the WD box and the PC you are doing the recovery from.  Also if you have any 3rd party firewalls on your PC turn them off for this. Turn off both boxes, plug a cable between the 2.  Start you PC and begin the recovery process again

Let me know how it goes.  Sorry to be so slow with a reply.  I went to my daughters soccer game.  (They won:smiley:)  And I can’t reply to these on my old phone.

FWIW there is a post at the top of this forum for a MS group and there is also a group on yahoo groups (WSSE) Just got to yahoo groups and search WSSE.  This group is an email thing, so as soon as you post a question it gets mailed out to folks all around the world.  It may offer faster responses for some questions. 

But this is really more of a WD issue than a general Storage server thing, so I think you are in the right place.

Crossing my fingers for ya,



yes there is a DHCP

yes there is a IP what I mean could be the WDBox.

But no response from ping, http, order rdp

And for directly cable between the two boxes the believe that a must use a crossover cable – or ?

I must search for it

No need for a crossover cable anymore.  These new nic figure it out on their own

Http and rdp would not work at this time.  I would expect ping to work, though I have not tested it.

If you still can boot with the thumb drive on the server and it says “trying” and it does not work connected dirrectly, I may just have to “break” mine to compare tomorrow

Basketball is on now:wink:


I have connect the WDBox and the laptop directly by cable.

But no effect.

I could not see the WDBox or any traffic on the network connection. (I don’t know an IP-Adress)

Booting the laptop with the USB-Stick also brings no effect

There is no sense booting the laptop with the stick.

So you booted your laptop normally. You are connected to the wd box directly (And the laptop is set to use dhcp, does not have a static ip) and started the recovery wizzard.  when you get to the point in recovery when it says to stick the drive in the wd box.

You went to the wd box,

Hold in button, power on, it said starting recovery and then you ending back up at the laptop saying not found?

No effect !


-          Laptop uses dhcp

-          No static ip

-          Connect directly

-          Wd software at the point „jump over usb-stick creating"


-          Started with hold button

-          Display show “recover initializing” (ca 2 minutes)

-          Then jump “start recover” for 5 seconds

-          “STORAGE BAD” appears in the display an d red powerlight

Click on Laptop “continue”

Result “Server not found”


Looks like the drive array is messed up. Follow the PDF on rebuilding the drives. They talk about using a 512meg USB. Maybe if that works then you can try reinstalling the OS

recreate.PNGSo I guess in the wizzard you have been doing restore my server, lets do recreate my storage first then as Diehard suggests

for notice

at this time I am “Recreating the storage” described in WD manual page 52.

Like Step 9.d. since 4 hours is “LOADING RECOVERY” at the Display.

The power led blinks blue, the drive leds are dark, I can not see any action.

I have the 8TB version

I will see what happens in serveral hours

Good night.

I think that is good.  I think “we” wait 48 hours unless someone tells us differently

It’s been a while since I did this, but I’m thinking there should be a message after that. Didn’t you have to click on something on the PC’s WD restore app to continue ?

You said nothing happening ? The drives should be whirling and the LCD display should have a progress counter.

Meanwhile there a 23 hours since my last notice.

I am also concerned that there no action counld be see

I mean that blinking of the drive lcd must be see.

Last action on the laptop was the screen “Congratulation …” in Step 8

Actualy there is “LOADING RECORVERY” on the display, an no action on the drive leds.

Since 23 hours !

I don’t think that is working correctly !

OK, this is my first contribution to WD Community and I hope it will benefit some of you.

I just got my dx4000 two weeks ago to be used for personal purposes. However, the unit became inaccessible through the network because I freaked out when I found an IP Address from China! is trying to hack into my SQL Server every second. I mistakenly disabled the network adapter in the server. Guess what? I was kicked out from the remote desktop session immediately and was not able to access the server anymore even with LAN cable hooked into the second port in the server.

I called WD support and they advised me to do a recovery and here where I got the same problem discussed in this topic. I kept getting “startup failed 0xD9”. After careful investigating, I found out that the ISO file that I used to create the bootable usb was not downloaded completely! According to WD, it is 6.22 GBs. However, I downloaded it twice at first with only two point something GBs and it was a successful download without errors reported to me?! Then, I downloaded the file a third time and it finally downloaded as 6.22GBs. Only then I was able to pass the error message in recovering my server using the new bootable usb that I created with the “6.22GB” ISO file. Please, pay attention to the warning given by WD before downloading the file. And here I quote it

Very Important: The ISO file is very large in size and it will requires at least 6.5 GB of space on the applicable Client PC. Due to the file size limitation on Internet Explorer, please use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari browser to download this file.

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Good info.  Thanks

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