DX 4000 STARTED FAILED 0xD9 message

I had a faulty disk that I removed. My system somehow rebooted and I have the message STARTUP FAILED 0xD9 on my LCD screen and nothing is happening. HELP!!!

I would put the disk back and try again. If you still get that error you will have to contact WD for the recovery ISO

Thanks Gramps.

Other issue.I had to redo the recovery after a power failure and now the system has been stuck at INITIAL CONFIG. 94% for the last 10 hours…What can I do!

while you wait go get a UPS [wink]
Think I would try to remote desktop to it first

I can’t do anything! It is stuck there. I cannot access it either by the dashboard or by the IP address…Should I shut it down?


Just for grins. I got that 0xD9 on a couple of units after I had taken them apart to add memory…turns out I did not get the drive backplane back in it’s slot ;-(

Thanks but that’s not it. All disks fully inserted.

Only the fans seem to be running. No more flashing lights or disk noise…

I guess you have no choice but to recycle the power