How to reinstall WD My Cloud Os

Hello, during the update of the system via ssh, i have obtain many package broken. I repair this, but like a dump, i type apt-get autoremove, and it’s delete everything important such as openssh, S.M.A.R.T and it’s disconnect me. Now my cloud reboot whith a orange light and it’s impossible for me to connect myself with ssh or with the dashboard. I ask someone if it’s possible to reinstall the WD my cloud OS or Debian Jessie ARM. It’s seem that it’s is impossible to boot with an USB. How repair my WD cloud.

Don’t use apt-get with normal repositories; the MyCloud uses a non-standard 64k page size, so standard packages are incompatible. It is not simply a ‘normal linux box’; it’s a consumer product built using embedded Linux.

Thanks a lot. I found my anwser here: Help unbricking WD MyCloud (messed up Debian system, solid white light)