Tried to update the Linux software on My Cloud

I have three 4TB WD MyClouds.  I wanted to tweak them to use my CrashPlan account to back themselves up and the first step is to get SSH access which I did.

For some reason, I thought updating the software would be a good idea so after a few “sudo apt-get update”, “sudo apt-get upgrade” and “sudo apt-get autoremove” commands, one of them no longer knows the 'sudo" command, another gives me dependicies errors and the third updates but only a few files at a time and with lots of warning messages.

Amazingly, the drives are still accessible over my network and I can copy files on and off them but I’m assuming that once they have to restart, I will lose all access.

Is there a way to recover from my updating or should I move all the files off and do a factory reset?


What firmware are you on?

Should be the latest version.  Sorry, I don’t have access to my home system atm.

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Yes, the MyCloud is based on Debian Wheezy, but it’s built with a non-standard , 64k page size, so you can’t simply update or install from the usual repositories.

Be thankful you didn’t brick the thing…

I would probably re-install the WD build. Use SectorGZ’s trick to fool it into overwriting with an ‘older’ (I.e. not newer) version, described here:

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Thanks, I’ll give it try after I copy all the files off the drives.

Thanks for the try but none of the My Clouds will accept a new firmware or a Full Factory Restore.