My Cloud is now an expensive brick - please help

Hi guys,

Basically I was trying to fix a different issue when I decided to SSH into my cloud and try a update through Linux e.g. “sudo apt-get update” sudo “apt-get upgrade”

The commands successfully updated 50 packages but showed one error during the installation, anyway long story short after a reboot I am unable to do ANYTHING with my cloud;

Attempting to connect to the dashboard reads “This webpage is not available”

The drive doesn’t show up in explorer anymore.

Twonky dashboard is unavailable and even the reset button on the device does not work.

What are my options? I think i need to somehow reinstall the whole Linux side of things along with the firmware, let me know what you think I could really use the help.



It seems I have done a dumdumb too.

Is it possible to fix through the USB port or do I have to dismantle?

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USB port is a master, so no. And yes, you will have to dismantle. Unless you still have SSH access.

Ah I see, Will dismantling void my warranty?


Oh and sorry one more question, will I be able to access my data when I plug the hard drive into my pc via SATA?

Have you tried SSH?

I fear apt-upgrade may already have voided the terms of WD’s warranty. Whether those terms are fair, since:

I) SSH is provided
ii) apt-upgrade is provided
iii) there’s no ‘using SSH may void your warranty’ warning in the user manual

is another question… But I would think opening the case would void your warranty. To be sure, ask WD.

Read the various 'unbricking threads. You’ll need an OS capable of accessing an ext4 filesystem; Linux.

Does the MyCloud not give a pop-up on the screen when you enable SSH in the dashboard?

The MyCloud Mirror certainly does (the OK button to activate SSH doesn’t become clickable until you tick the “I accept” box):

Unfortunately SSH is not working. I just had a thought, if i connect the cloud directly to my PC via a Ethernet cable do you think i would be able to access the file system?


No. And there’s a reason we’re directing you to the unbricking threads: they’re the only viable route you have.

You’re right, it does… On the MyCloud, you’re also accepting the SSH user and password, so it’s easy to miss the ‘small print’.

It’s bit vague, though, isn’t it? Is ‘normal operation’ defined anywhere?

Yes. Using SSH may also void the warranty.

Read this thread.


There is that, yes. I’d forgotten, probably because it looked pretty arcane, although Fox has probably simplified the process.

My apologies.

Guys do any of you know a really simple way of mounting and reading the partitions on Mac or Windows 10? I need to get some files off of there before I attempt to reinstall everything.


Use a Linux LiveUSB or LiveDVD and give yourself a temporary Linux system (without installing anything on your HD). It’s simpler than messing about adding stuff to your existing systems.

Or else look at things like ext2fsd, DiskInternals or Ext2explore on Windows. Can’t comment on Mac as I don’t have one, but those three should allow a Linux Ext2/3/4 formatted drive to be read by Windows (although again I’ve only personally used them on Win7, not succumbed to 10 yet).

You can probably get a Mac (since it will read EXT4 format) to mount and read the data partition on the My Cloud drive once you remove the drive from the enclosure, connect it to a SATA cable either in the computer or to a external docking station/enclosure. Windows won’t natively read the EXt4 format of the data partition the My Cloud drive.

One simple solution, if using Windows, is to download and burn a Linux boot disc (I use Ubuntu), connect the drive to computer, boot the computer with the Linux boot disc and Linux should mount the drive partitions and allow you to copy the data off the drive. You an then proceed to use one of the many “unbrick” methods described in the various theads here (do a subforum search for them).

Thanks very much guys for all the help this is a really good forum. Ill let you know how it goes and if I have any more problems.