How to recover deleted files in Wd My Cloud?


Think I may have deleted some holiday photos by mistake. My wife will scream at me if she knows!

Searched the web for way to recover the files. It refers to sync which I dont use. Checked the WD login for the deleted folder, cannot find it.




Do you have the recycle bin enabled for the share where the photos are stored?

If so look in there - it should be accessible as a separate share or via the web file browser in the dashboard.


I was looking for the recycle bin. Found one in my PC drive but cannot find it in My Cloud drive.

Where is the recycle bin located in the dashboard?
Cannot find it in Settings Utilities.

How to enable the recycle bin?

Many thanks.


Installed 2 programs for file recovery. But both are not for network drive access in the free version. Need a paid version for network drive access.

Realised now what I did years back. I was running out of PC disk space more than 10 years ago, before I bought the NAS. I copied some of the photo big folders to DVD disks and then deleted these big folders from the PC hdisk.

Years later after getting the NAS, I copied the hdisk photo directory to the NAS. Forgot to copy the folders in DVD to NAS!

Very glad that I still have the Japan holiday photos. My wife would use that to demand another Japan holiday if the photos and memory were all gone! Ha.

One action for me to follow up. How to enable the recycle bin in My Cloud just in case one day I deleted some important files by mistake in the NAS?



From memory it’s in the settings for the shares themselves - one of them is whether the recycle bin is turned on for it or not. Once enabled you’ll see it as an additional share named something like Recycle bin - Volume_1 (if you are using JBOD mode you may also see Recycle bin - Volume_2 for the second disk).

If it’s not enabled for the share that contained the files you deleted then they’re gone for good as far as the device itself is concerned, although you may be able to recover them using 3rd party software (although I would be amazed if such software can do that over a network).


Many thanks Darren!

Done that. Wonder why I didnt see that when I was searching for Recycle Bin! Ha.

Now peace of mind in using my NAS.


I have accidently deleted some files too but dont have the options you show here - only have Public Access & Media Serving (not Recycle Bin or Oplocks)


You may not have it enabled.

On the main dashboard page go to the settings menu and the general tab. In the service section there you have the toggle to globally enable/disable the recycle bin. Once it’s enabled then you should get the option to further enable it per share.

If it wasn’t enabled when you deleted the files then they are gone, but it’s worth enabling it for the future perhaps if that is the case.