Network Recycle Bin / Recover deleted files is this possible?

Hello I’m extremely new to NAS and this is my first time working with one. I have the My Cloud 3TB up and running. I have transferred all my files over and I was going through cleaning up some of the files I didn’t need anymore. But there are a couple of files that I deleted in error and I can’t find out how to get them back.

I didn’t have safe points enabled. I have searched high and low and can’t seem to find a way to get the files back. Is it that this model don’t allow a network recycle bin? Do I need to go out and purchase WD My Cloud EX4 that has this feature? I was reading the manual for EX4 and on page 55 it says the recycle Bin is only available for windows SMB files and I have no idea what that is.

If I’m unable to recover my files I guess this is a lesson learned. But is there a NAS out there that I can get that will allow me to be able to recover deleted files and allocate a certain % of the drive for the recycle bin as I can do with Windows? Thanks in advance.


Hi there, the Mycloud EX4 and EX2 Have this feature, however the Mycloud does not have this feature. You can post a suggestion on the following link:

Hope this helps you out.