MyCloud Recycle bin


I accidentally delete a folder on MyCloud. I have tried everything I can think of to no availe. I see that there is supposed to be a recycle bin but I have tried everything with no luck. I really need this folder back. If anyone has any ideas.


Exactly which model of My Cloud do you own? Not all models have recycle bin functions.


I have a 2tb MyCloud


Again, which My Cloud?

Some more information would help too. Have you tried using the Knowledge Base?


I have tried the Knowledge Base, the community, support, etc. I have tried so many different recovery software that I lost count. As for my cloud, it is the MyCloud, that is the model. If you look at the link you just gave me, it’s the second one on top. I tried to load a picture of it, however it is not appearing on here.

I am running a windows 10 Home PC and a linksys wireless router. All my folders are mapped but there is not recycle bin anywhere, which I think is really dumb! But I need to recover this folder. If there is no way that I can do it my self, I’ll need to take it to have it recovered. Not sure what other information you need.


Where do you see that there is supposed to be a recycle bin? What screen? On the My Cloud Dashboard? If the Dashboard, which tab/screen on the Dashboard?

Does your My Cloud look like this:

Or this:

Or is it one of the other models listed on the following WD Support page?

The single bay My Cloud units, the general subject of this subforum (My Cloud) do not support nor have an option for a “recycle bin” within their My Cloud operating system. The multi bay My Cloud units typically and generally do support a “recycle bin” feature. But one has to enable it through the My Cloud Dashboard.

The following WD Knowledgebase article details which My Cloud models have a recycle bin:

And this WD Knowledgebase article give some general information, for certain My Cloud models, on that Recycle Bin and how to possibly access it.


Are you talking about deleting a share or a folder/file? Have you done a search of the My Cloud using the folder name? How was the folder/file placed on your My Cloud?

I have the same set up as you and I have posted about this before in topics as to how to search the My Cloud.

See example images of a search below. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them and see complete image.


On MyCloud, I have 3 Folders, one for my wife, one for Photos, and one for me. Within each folder there are numerous sub-floders that contain our files. One of the sub-folders in my main folder is the one that got either deleted accidentally or it just disappeared. I have not only done automatic searches through file explorer (just like your imiage), but I have physically checked every folder, including my wife’s’ and the Photo folders, and the folder is nowhere to be found.

I have no idea how it got deleted since I had it protected and most of the files were also protected.


I would login via SSH and check that the share really has gone.


What do you mean the SSH? I have not folders named SSH and none appear in the WD Access program, so I have no idea where else to look? Is it a hidden folder?



I have followed the instructions on the link but each time I try to access mycloud using the web browser it brings me to my dashboard.