Enable Recycle Bin on My Cloud Mirror

Hi WD,

I have enable the Recycle Bin on the Folder Share of my Mycloud Mirror.

So please show me the way how can i recover the data when it is deleted ?



I saw you addressed your question to WD. This is a user-to-user forum actually with users like you and me answering each others’ questions or sharing experiences, though WD staff occassionally does answer questions and moderate the forum. I also noticed you had posted a question back in 2012, but after another user responded, you never bothered to respond back - it is always nice to come back to the forum to let the other person (and future readers looking at the post for info) know how you made out…so a short response after trying something out from another user’s answer is always a good idea, letting others and the person answering the question know whether it worked or not for you. People take their time to answer your question and it’s the least one can do to return the favor.

As for your question, be aware the Recycle Bin feature only works from Windows computers, as the manual mentions. After enabling the Recyle Bin in the share, if you access the share from a Windows PC and select a file and delete it (not shift-delete which deletes it permanently but just delete), you can go into the parent folder of that share by simply going to Network (from Start Menu) and opening your Mirror (also applies to EX2/EX4) from under the Storage category (make sure you open it from the storage category) and look for the a shared folder called Recyle Bin - Volume1 (the volume name might differ if you have multiple volumes but the folder name will begin with Recycle BIn). Simply open the folder and drag and drop the files you want to recover to another share on your Mirror or to your computer’sdesktop or wherever you like. Unlike a Windows computer, you won’t get a Restore option by right clicking - the file needs to be restored manually.

Also, please keep in mind that if you delete files from the mirror (but not permanantly delete them immediately by clicking shift-delete) then those files will continue to take up space in that Recycle Bin. But you can set the recycle bin to auto-flush any files older than a pre-specified number of days, say for example, if you set it to 30 days then files older than 30 days will be deleted automatically. If you do not set it, then the deleted files will linger around in Recycle Bin indefinitely (until the Recycle Bin feature on that share is turned off - or those files are manually deleted or moved from the Recycle Bin folder). To specify this time window, go to the dashboard’s Settings and under General tab, at the very bottom of the page under Services, there is a Recycle Bin setting. Pressing the Clear button deletes everything in the Recycle Bin but if you click the Configure link, then you’ll be able to specify the number of days you wish to keep filesin Recycle Bin befre auto-deletion.

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Dear Cybernut1,

Noted with thanks


I have the  same problem!  The deleted files do not end up in the recycling bin.  I have read your comment but for some reason this does not work for me.

I have the My Clour Mirror (since two weeks) and a Windows 7 PC.

I have the recycline bin activated for all folders via the dash board.

When I am in the  cloud via the  WD My Cloud App (from the master PC).  I delete a file in one of the folders using right clickt and selecting  delete or via the drop down option this app provides, I confirm I want to delete and the file is removed from the folder.  The files never seems to make it to the recycling bin even after many test ( I have tried everything).  If I select the file in the folder I can not delete it with the delete key on my keyboard I have to use the delete dropdown within the app.

Then I go to the recycle bin and it is empty via path, see included screen shots.

Recyclebin path

I open the folder Recycle Bin and it is always empty!  No matter weather I test a MS Word, Excel or .jpg picture the file never ends up in the Recycle Bin forlder as I would assume it would be.  It is not in the recycle bin on my desktop either.

Here you can see the folder is empty:


I have the feeling I must be doing something wrong but can not find it.  I am almost ready to return this thing for a refund.

You stated something about opening from the Storage category I think this is what I have done in the above screen shots but am not sure.  Can you provide a path if what I have done above is not correct?

I hope someone can help me with this soon, appreciate any advise. Greetings from Germany.