How to let my smart TV access My Cloud NAS

I’ve recently set up my WD My Cloud, Personal Cloud Storage & Network Attached Storage Drive (2TB), on my new home network (since moving house)… The only issue I have is that my B&O TV no longer “sees” the WD device. I’ve only just installed the latest firmware as the device was in storage until now.
I’m not sure what I need to change in the settings so that it can be seen on the home network? It used to show up on the TV under HomeMedia so I could access files on the My Cloud NAS wirelessly. Now it’s not showing.

When you set your network back up in your new home did you leave everything as it was before? Do you use the same sign in credentials for all bands? After setting it up did you reboot your router and check to see that all devices are showing on the network?

When you look at Twonky does your TV show in the list of devices? See example image below from my device. The XBR-75X850D is my Sony Bravia TV.


Does all your data show under Status?