My Cloud Not getting detected on DLNA Devices


I bought WD MY CLOUD 2TB a month back and was able to connect it to all my DLNA devices, mobile (android) and laptop ( XP). I also have a WD TV Live connected to my TV which I normally use to run movies of multiple formats on my TV. My TV is also DLNA enabled and I was able to access WD MY Cloud through the TV or WD TV Live.

Two things happened:

a. I changed my router as the earlier one was giving me lot of issues, changed to DLINK 2750U and its working just fine

b. I downloaded a firmware upgrade for My Cloud recently.

Ever since, I am unable to view the WD MY Cloud on either my Sony Bravia TV or on WD TV Live. I have been breaking my head on it for past 24 hours but couldn’t understand whats wrong. I am able to access the Cloud device from my mobile and from my laptop. Can anyone help me figure out what am I doing wrong. I have reset, rebooted, done restore on both My Cloud and WD TV, checked media streaming is on etc. Yet I am unable to see the WD My Cloud under Media servers.

Also, I wanted to know if the WD My Cloud Dashboard can only be viewed when my computer is hardwired to the Router? Can I not view this on wireless, as for some reason I am unable to do it (though I dont remember if i could access it on Wireless in the past).

Any help is appreciated…

I have two thing on my mind.

  1. Does WdMyCloud has the same IP as before?

    It could be that your DLNA devices are keeping old IP address in memory.

 2. Please check if your new router has UPnP protocol enabled.

Hope it will help