How to fix elements


Dear WD team, My WD 2 or 1 Terabyte elemnts has stopped working

Its 1 year old and I have all my clients jobs on it

My computer tech says its burned out!

What can I do to recover?? tried to sign in with the info below but that didn’t work either

How can I recover my files I entrusted to this back up hard drivE???


Hello, I’m very sorry to hear that your drive failed.

Have you tried using a data recovery software?

For feature reference. make sure to have multiple backup of your data, not all the data in one place. at the end of the day all the hard drives in the world are mechanical devices and many things could affect the funtioning of it, like a power outage that might what happened in your case if the is really burned out

Also signguy63

This is a user to user forum, will be better if you send an email to the WD Support or you can try calling then.


Dismantle the media player and put the HD in an external caseing (or attach it directly to the PC).

BTW: if the WEP is “only” backup: why whouldn’t you create a backup to another HD from the original?