HELP PLZZZ ... 1TB WD Elements Portable is NOT WORKING

I have a 1TB element portable, Its fall down to the ground and stopped working!!!
Somebody try to fix it and he is open the 2 disks inside it and take them back again but still not working!!!
I heard that if the disks removed and back to the hard drive it will not working again… is it true???
Gents … all the info of my life is in this hard drive … I just want the infos inside it in any way!!!
Please your help and support…

Any solutions guys!!!???

Contact an Authorised Data Recovery Service and they may be able to recover your data better than the “Somebody” who tried to fix it … but, it will cost you a LOT more.

keep a backup your important life data next time … in case as accidents.

Thank you for your comment…
I used ‘‘Somebody’’ because there is not an authorized data recovery service in my region…
Its difficult to send the hard drive from Iraq to USA or UK…
However, I am already contact with them, and this post is just to get any advice from any body got the same problem before!


Data recovery from physically damaged drive is possible but you need to send it to the data recovery service center as it requires the expertise. Non technical person can make the situation worse if he attempts to recover data from the physically damaged hard drive. We understand that you are in problem because of your data loss but there is no other option left except sending the drive to the repairing center. However, there are many data recovery tools available which allows to recover data but they can work only when the drive recognized is by the system.