No power to my WD elements 2TB hard drive

Hi all,

Im sure this has been covered off 100 times before but as im new here I have no idea where to find the right answer so im hoping someone here can help. I have a 2tb elements external hard drive and yesterday my drive stopped working. I think it may of had a power surge or something as the plug had some exposed wires. Ive gone and bought a new power lead and the hard drive will still not power up at all.

1st question, how can I determin what is actually stopping it from working.
2nd question. If it is the power can I fix this easily enough?
3rd question, If the answer is its broken has anyone had any experience in using an adaptor that you plug the actual hard drive into which gives you access to my data?

Thanks for any help.



If you tried a different power adapter and different USB cable and still not powering on then I believe the drive is damaged.

I dont recommend any repair services since this may damage the drive even more and make the data irrecoverable.

What I recommend (if you want to recover your data) is contacting a data recovery company ion order to recover your data.

Thanks for the list however this is a old hard drive and its fair to say there is some personal data and pictures on there that I dont want others seeing. Is it possible to connect the drive directly into a HDD docking station such as the products shown on inateck website?


It should connect if the drive has a standard connector. Elements drives are not hardware encrypted like the drives that come with Smartware. There is also the possibility that the drive is corrupt. Professional recovery is best but it’s expensive most places.

Thanks all for your advice. I bought a £20 hard drive reader from Maplins and its worked a treat, got access to all my files. Added bonus was I was able to take the hard drive out of my old laptop run a free data recovery tool and found loads of old pictures which was nice. Thank again.