How to Erase, Download & Restore My Passport Ultra Software

I disconnected my My Passport Ultra 1TB external drive incorrectly and the backup function no longer works. I am trying to erase My Passport and restore the original software, but having no success. Would like to be able to run automatic backups, but nothing seems to work after several different attempts. The User Manual refers to Knowledge Base ID 7, but that doesn’t seem to exist. Can someone tell me what specific steps to erase everything from My Passport and from my Windows 10 pc, then what and how to reinstall the software on My Passport please? I’m not real tech savvy, so specifics would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello fritz127,

You could download the WD Backup software for the WD support website.

Refer the link provided below to download the software and to erase the data from the drive.

Thank you Neo33. I erased the drive following the link you provided, but now My Passport no longer appears in File Explorer. I also downloaded the WD Backup software, but now the drive shows as Offline. I clicked on the WD icon in my systray and, when I try to set up a Backup Plan, I get the following error message:
“No writeable partition found. Please make sure your drive is unlocked.”

UPDATE: I partitioned My Passport using Windows 10 Disk Management. It now shows as “My Passport (I)” in File Explorer. When I run WD Backup from my systray, it no longer shows Offline. However, when I click
“Backup Now” nothing happens.