How to download files from my cloud home app in android tablet


I have app in android tablet for my cloud home

I cannot found a way to download a file to my tablet

what I am doing wrong??

I have same problem here. I have android app version 4.15.1 (1883) on my POCO F2 Pro (android version 11 RKQ1.200826,002) and it is not possible download files from My Cloud to Device. I can browse files on My Cloud, but when I select some item, only thigs I can do are following:
Share - Meaning sharing link or invite to cooperation
Move - only to different place on cloud

If I click three dots next to the item, I can see:

There is neither possibility to download nor to copy to device.

Not confirmed: using same version of the app, but not using a POCO F2 Pro.
I do not have the option “Share”,
but in addition these: “Send Link”, “Delete shared link” and “Open in”.
And at the bottom the window the option “+ add something” is shown.

Therefore probably some more permissions are needed.

I see… The menu differs for files and folders. In my previous post I was looking at the folders. For files, there are different items. Still it is not possible to download or copy.

Have you checked permissions in the WD-machine and the Poco?
With “open in” I can download and with “+ add something” I can upload.