How do I download from My Cloud to an android device

I have installed the My Cloud app on my android device – a Lenovo tablet. It seems to work well with one exception.
I can see the shares on My Cloud, I can open a file in the share if I have the correct app on android. I can rename a file in the share.
I can upload a file from android to My Cloud. But I do not see how I can download a file from My Cloud to my android device. How do I download a file from My Cloud to my android device?

Not for sure about your tablet but on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) I open up what I want and hold down the folder/item for a second and it shows as checked and then I use the download icon at the top. I do the same for each item/folder I want to download. See image below.

Thanks for the reply. That is what I did. The operation seemed to complete OK and the activities screen says a download has been done but I cannot see where the file as been downloaded to. I have done a search of the tablet using file manager and the file is not anywhere. I have repeated this several times with different files but no success with any. When you did this in which folder on your phone did the downloaded file appear?

I have investigated further and worked out how to download files to android but it is a two-stage process to get them where I want. For brevity I call the My Cloud server ‘Widget’.

I go through the process you describe. The files are then shown under the app as being in ‘downloads’ (using the left menu) . I can open them from there.
There is no folder called ‘downloads’ but on the android device internal storage there is a folder ‘My Cloud’ with sub-folder ‘Widget’. The files are in sub-folder ‘Widget’.

If I want them anywhere else I can either do a select and copy from ‘downloads’ within the app. Or copy/move them somewhere else using an external file manager


You are correct. I thought the file would be in a download folder. Now we see that the downloaded file goes to a place which is difficult to find. Thanks.

I only use the WD and it mobile app for when I’m remote from my network. It’s a bit clunky. On my android phone, files are downloaded to a folder called ‘My Cloud’ on the internal storage.

For local access, I use a for manager app, which allows me to move files to and from any directory to any other directory, just like a desktop file manager.

I can’t download file or folder to android device. There is not download symbol. Is someone video or instruction how I can download file from my cloud.

It was wrong screenshot: