Downloading a file on MyCloud Home Android

Is this real! Is it not possible to download a file or folder unless it’s a photo from my MyCloud Home to an android phone!
Do I really have to use a Mac or PC and ONLY from home network to be able to even download a backed up PDF for Christ’s sake!

If this is the case it’s not a back up drive or cloud storage, it’s a freekin file jail.

Oh WD guys - don’t reply with a generic useless response please. If you can’t answer don’t waste your time

This is an often asked question and a simple search for ‘PDF support’ could yield a direct answer, such as try installing a free file manager on your mobile device, for example FE Explorer in iOS or
File Manager + in Android and use the ‘Open in’ or ‘Send to’ or ‘Share’ feature from the My Cloud Home app to the file manager.